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Robotic Surgery New York

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery: A Highly Effective Minimally Invasive Surgical Method

da Vinci Robotic Surgery systems are used by thousands of surgeons around the globe, and for good reason. At Clarity Surgical, we use da Vinci Robotic Surgery to assist in robotic bariatric surgery, robotic laparoscopic surgery and other general surgical procedures. One question we get asked a lot at Clarity Surgical is whether the actual surgery process is done solely by a robot. Well, the answer is no. The surgeon is in charge of the procedure and sits at a console away from the surgery table. The robot tends to imitate the surgeon's actions, translates them and performs the surgical procedure efficiently and accurately.

da Vinci robotic surgery uses the most advanced technology in surgical procedures. It has so far successfully completed over 7 million operations worldwide. da Vinci robotic surgery ensures the surgeon can access the affected internal body part with ease, boosts the surgeon’s accuracy and fastens the procedure.

Also, da Vinci surgery ensures the surgeon is less tired during the surgery. This is because the surgeon performs the surgery while sitting at a console near the surgery table. Their vision is also greatly improved thanks to the magnified 3D view that comes with the system. To the patient, the system ensures there is less bleeding, less pain and faster recovery.

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How robotic surgery works

The robotic tools used in surgery have wristed hinges that function just like a human's wrist. These wristed hinges, however, have a much greater range of motion. Compared to traditional laparoscopic devices, the wristed hinges in robotic systems perform the surgical movements much better, faster and efficiently. Because of this, complicated surgical procedures that once required open surgery can now be done in a laparoscopic, robotic and in a safe way.

Why Robotic Surgery Helps Surgeons

  • 3D imagery helps the surgeon to visualize the surgical area much more clearly and sharply.
  • The system ensures the surgeon doesn’t suffer from eye fatigue hence improved surgical results.
  • The system also ensures the surgeon doesn’t suffer from other forms of fatigue such as finger, arm and hand fatigues. This boosts the surgeon' s focus and endurance.
  • The system boosts the surgeon’s ability to use small, miniature surgical instruments.
  • The system completes the surgery faster with high accuracy.

How Robotic Surgery Helps Patients

  • Reduced time in the surgery room.
  • Reduced blood loss during and after surgery.
  • Reduced pain during and after surgery.
  • The surgical scars after the operation are tiny and less noticeable.
  • Lowered surgical complications afterwards.
  • Reduced patient stress.
  • The recovery time after the surgery is much quicker, thus you can resume normal activities sooner.

FAQ's on robotic surgery

Depends on the procedure. A robotic surgery is classified as a minimally Invasive surgery because it leverages laparoscopic techniques. Most insurance companies normally cover minimally Invasive Surgeries. It's however important you consult your insurance company so you know the exact details.
Recovery time from robotic surgery is much quicker and different for most people. You can resume normal, everyday activities almost immediately after the procedure (except lifting of heavy substances/strenuous activities). Expect full recovery in about 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure.
The success rate of a robotic surgery is slightly higher than that of traditional surgery. The system leverages the most advanced technology in surgical procedures and ensures less blood loss, reduced pain and more comfort to both the patient and surgeon. It also ensures there's less visible
Most robotic surgeries take between 1-2 hours while under anesthesia. This means you'll be unconscious during the procedure. Once the surgery is over, you'll be placed in a recovery room to recover from the anesthesia, while being closely monitored. To learn more about procedures done using robotic surgery in Long Island, contact Clarity Surgical today.