Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!
Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!

How Can I Maximize Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve?

Regaining weight after a gastric sleeve can cause great fear. For those having undergone bariatric surgery, some will experience weight re-gain starting 1-2 years after the surgery. Many reasons can lead to this.

During the first year after a gastric sleeve, most people adhere to the recommended diet diligently and regularly exercise. After you can handle a wider variety of foods, some people may fall victim to old eating habits and poor lifestyle choices. However, there are a few ways to maximize weight loss after a bariatric surgery.

Avoid Bad Eating Habits

According to researchers, five out of 13 bad eating habits were to blame for the excessive weight gain. Such bad habits include eating even when you feel full, eating fast foods, binge eating, grazing with poorly chosen foods continuously all day long, and uncontrolled eating.

Seek Help

Do not shy away from seeking help from your bariatric support group, friends, or family. Not only do they help you in overcoming this setback, but they can also help you to identify what could be the issue. Also, you could utilize some of the weight loss medications that have FDA approval, or simply benefit from coaching and support.

Eat Enough Calories

This might seem strange, but it is surprisingly true. Not taking in enough calories can lead to problems if you are trying to lose weight after a gastric sleeve. When you undergo this surgery, a major hunger hormone, known as ghrelin, is dramatically reduced so that you do not feel as hungry.  When not taking in enough calories, your body respond by “holding on” to any source of energy available… as opposed to processing and utilizing it efficiently.   At this point, foods that are high in proteins and enjoyable are a great source of calories.

Avoid Getting Pregnant

It is advisable to avoid pregnancy during the first two years after the surgery. During this period your body will be losing weight at a high rate for at least 12 months after the operation. At this time, supporting yourself and the growing fetus can prove dangerous. If you wish to remain sexually active, it is recommended to use a good birth control method, and consult your bariatric surgery specialist about getting pregnant.

The most important way to maximize weight loss after the surgery is to follow your surgeon’s instructions precisely. Do not fail to go to your follow-up visits in the short and long term to know your progress and get adjustments to your diet or medications. Your health not only depends on the surgery you underwent, but it also largely depends on sticking to your lifestyle change, post-procedure.


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