Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!
Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!

Foods to Eat After Appendix Surgery

After any surgery, your choice of diet is going to make a big impact. The foods you eat can help you heal, boost your energy, or—conversely—cause pain and increase your recovery time. 


After appendix removal in Long Island, your surgeon should go over all your aftercare instructions. This will cover the list of foods to eat after appendix surgery as well as those to avoid. The recommended diet should be designed to avoid constipation, keep glucose steady, and offer the nutrients that promote wound healing.

We understand that eating is likely not a the top of your list after appendix removal, especially if your symptoms of appendicitis included vomiting and diarrhea. However, you need to know what to expect from the after appendix surgery diet. 

Fiber Is Key


Many people become constipated after their surgery. This is problematic because your muscles may be too weak to bear down to use the restroom. In fact, doing so could cause damage. A high-fiber diet will make it easier to use the bathroom without heavily engaging the abdominal muscles.


Start Light


Broth, water, and other liquids are ideal right after surgery. After a few days, you can move on to solid but easy to digest foods. This should help to prevent the intestines from getting back up while also preventing pain and strain.


Balance Your Diet


Once you are eating solid foods, you need to ensure you are getting nutrients from all food groups. If you restrict yourself too much, you are likely to lose energy, feel weak, and not heal properly. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein are all essential.


Promote Healing


Any foods that can promote healing should be a safe bet to eat after appendix surgery. Protein-heavy foods that are low in unhealthy fats are very important when it comes to healing. That is because they are part of what creates collagen, and collagen forms the connective tissue that closes your wounds.


What to Avoid


After appendix surgery in Huntington Station, there are certain foods and drinks you should avoid until you have completed your recovery. These include:


  • Alcohol: It is essential to avoid alcohol, even in foods, for the first several days after surgery as it can interact with your anesthesia. It may also interact with post-surgery medications, so clarify this with your surgeon. Since it can inhibit your healing, we suggest not imbibing for the duration of your recovery period.
  • Unhealthy Fats: Fatty foods, in general, are difficult to digest, which is a big no-no after appendix surgery. However, healthier fats in limited amounts can help with healing once you are about a week out from surgery. Keep all fat to a minimum and avoid saturated fats.
  • Sugar: Natural sugars present in fruits and vegetables are fine, but refined sugar is known to trigger diarrhea, which is a significant concern after appendix surgery.


To learn more about the post-surgery diet or about Long Island laparoscopic surgeries, contact Clarity Surgical.