Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!
Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!

Health & Wellness

Summer is finally here!!! But wait, what’s with this heat?  I’ll melt if I go out! Summer heat can lure people into staying inside gathering around the television, curling up with their smart devices, or lounging with their laptops.  However, to maintain a healthier body it’s important to get up and move and summertime is a great time to start the journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 

So, what can I do to start the journey?  Well, to start, we’re in the season with longer, warmer days and there is a plethora of healthy events and activities in NY.  So, live it up!  Eat a healthy snack before you set-out for the day and drink plenty of water.  Take a decorative or colorful plastic bottle that will entice you to drink more and implement an activity that is realistic and easy to obtain.  Here are just a few ideas  to get you staying on track with weight and health and keep you cooler during blistering days:

·         Take a walk in a shaded park (Belmont State park has a canopy of trees).

·         Go to the beach, take a swim or walk along the cool waters edge with a gentle pace.

·         Go to a community pool.

·         Go to a gym (blah Tammy, I know this)

·         Jump through the sprinklers.  Of course, the kids and pets will join you. 

·         Walk the entire length of the mall and take the stairs instead of the elevators to the next floor.

·         Dance your heart out at a local “disco”. 

On nicer days, Clarity Surgical’s practice manager, Jessica Reyes, shared an event she enjoys doing with her family during the summertime.  She stated, “We all get together with friends and family and do the Pokemon in the park.  It gets everyone up and moving and is so much fun for everyone.  It’s not hard at all and is very easy to download.

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go is a location-based game application for smartphone users that allow the game lovers to enjoy a new level of gaming in an open environment. Here the players can capture, arrange battles and even train the virtual creatures, known as Pokemon, who appear in almost all parts of the real world.

There are many places in New York where Pokemon Go can be played with other participants in parks, beaches, and other open locations.  Below are some links to finding public Pokeman locations on Long Island:

Pokemon Go,

Some other ideas for activities can be found with the following links. Many are free for the entire family: