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Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!

How long does it take to recover from a colostomy reversal?

Can a colostomy be reversed?


A colostomy reversal is a surgery that is done after a colostomy patient has fully recovered. Some colostomies are permanent, and others are temporary. Doctors advise that patients can only have the colostomy reversal after they heal from the previous operation.


Colostomies are usually performed to treat Crohn’s disease or cancers of the bowel, anus, cervix, or vagina. After the colostomy, an opening called the stoma is found on the skin. It is from the stoma that stool passes into the colostomy bag.


Colostomy reversal surgery time takes up to one or two hours if it’s just a straightforward standard operation. For some patients, the surgeon would recommend an open surgery, while others may opt for laparoscopic surgery instead. Open surgery takes longer to recover from due to the large incisions.


What are the colostomy reversal risks?


Some of the colostomy reversal risks include side effects. Side effects that one may suffer from include:


●     Abdominal pain

●     Constipation

●     Diarrhea

●     Flatulence

●     Incontinence


In some cases, there might be a case of stomach blockage if the stomach does not heal soon and starts leaking to other organs. This might lead to a temporary paralysis of your bowels.


Colostomy reversal is not generally seen as a dangerous procedure, but getting used to normal colon function may take time. It’s not unusual for diarrhea to last for weeks after the surgery has taken place.


It’s recommended that patients stick to a low-fiber diet for a few weeks, and slowly reintroduce fiber back into the diet. Patients will be advised to eat a balanced diet full of plant-based whole foods.


Colostomy Reversal Recovery Time


People are generally able to leave the hospital between 3 to 10 days after surgery. Colostomy reversal recovery might take more time if the wounds are not well taken care of. After the operation, one is required to rest and avoid strenuous work that may open or damage the scar. 


After the colostomy reversal surgery, a patient is required to be careful with their diet so that they may not strain their bowels. Immediately after the operation, the wound will need to be dressed gently, so patients should avoid getting it wet. Wet wipes can be used to clean the wounds, however a patient should not take a bath or a shower.


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