Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!
Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!

Post-Operative Stretches to Help your Hernia Heal

Hernias are known for being horribly painful and kind of disgusting. A hernia occurs when an internal organ pushes through a muscle, resulting in a visible lump that aches when you cough or strain and disappears when you lie down. The inguinal hernia is the most common of hernias. It occurs in the lower abdomen area or around the upper groin.

The cure for hernias is a surgery that puts the internal organ back to its normal position and repairs the weak muscle through which the organ protruded. The future of inguinal hernia repair promises new technology that will help better treat inguinal hernias, reduce post-operative pain, and speed up the recovery process. Currently, you might need to take up to 6 weeks before you get back to doing anything strenuous. This begs the question: what exercises can I do after a hernia operation?

Exercises after hernia surgery

Exercise after hernia surgery helps return your body to its normal functioning and lets it adjust to the new changes. Being active by working out after hernia surgery helps mitigate reduce post-surgery soreness and tightness, as well as discomfort caused by healing and tissue remodeling. Since physical therapy after hernia surgery is rarely necessary, you can and should do regular but lightweight exercises on your own. You will know you are overworking yourself if you feel pain and cramping rather than a stretching of the area.

Exercises for Inguinal Hernia

You can do light exercises for inguinal hernia include:

  • Deep breathing: Immediately after the surgery, you might feel pain whenever you take deep breaths. However, you can consciously guide the process because deep breathing is necessary for your lungs’ health. You should also ensure that you clear any sputum or phlegm in your lungs and throat by controlled coughing so that you will cause you more pain. Holding a towel or pillow over the wound can provide adequate support that will reduce the pain and allow you to clear the lungs properly.
  • Walking: this is something that will keep you active by improving your blood circulation while also encouraging the gut to keep working. Start by walking around your house slowly after the surgery, and increase the walking distance with time. This wades off any infections and clots and makes your recovery faster.
  • Abdominal stretches: abdominal exercises like button stretches, core twists, and pelvic twists are a great way to help your muscles stretch after the surgery. Make sure to get your doctor’s approval before engaging in these exercises because they can be strenuous.
  • Leg exercises: these exercises keep your legs strong and make it easy for you to move around post-surgery. Some of these exercises include hip flexors, advanced stretches, and adductor stretches.

Hernia Repair Nassau County

If you want to experience the future of inguinal hernia repair with shorter recovery periods, you should look to get a hernia repair in Nassau County. Our expert team offers hernia repair surgery in Huntington Station that will drastically reduce your pain and get you back on your feet faster.