Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!
Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!

Top 8 Questions To Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon

Bariatric surgery is a big step that requires permanent lifestyle changes. Choosing your surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will make, next to deciding to undergo the procedure in the first place.


If your surgeon is uncomfortable answering any of these questions, find another one! Reputable surgeons are ready and willing to answer any question you may have about the surgery or about the surgeon.


Top 8 Questions To Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon Before Surgery


Do I Qualify For Bariatric Surgery?


In general, patients with a BMI above 40 (or patients with a BMI above 35 with a history of obesity-related health issues) who have been unable to lose weight with diet and exercise meet the qualifications for bariatric surgery. However, it’s still important to ask your surgeon whether they think it’s right for you.


How Much Experience Do You Have With Bariatric Surgery?


Nearly every bariatric surgeon who runs a practice has extensive experience in bariatric surgery, however, they might not have the same experience in every procedure. Make sure to ask them about their experience and what they’ve done specifically in the field of bariatric procedures.


Why Did You Decide To Go Into Bariatric Surgery?


Your surgeon is going to be doing a highly involved procedure on you, so it’s important that you understand their motivations. If they’re passionate about what they do, and didn’t just go into bariatric surgery in Nassau County NY because it was a placement that was available, that’s a good sign.


Which Procedure Do You Recommend For Me, and Why?


This might be the most important question on the list. Not every bariatric procedure is the same, even if they have similar expected results. Make sure to ask WHY they recommend a specific procedure for you!


Is This Procedure Reversible?


There are a few reversible bariatric procedures, but the most effective ones are permanent and require permanent lifestyle changes. You want to be comfortable with undergoing a permanent procedure before going through with it.


How Long Will Recovery Take?


Make sure to ask the surgeon how long he or she believes you should take off work, as well.

Do You Have Examples Of Satisfied Patients?


Although bariatric procedures are scientifically proven to work, you want to know what kind of patients the doctor has had and how satisfied they were with their decision.


Is My Procedure Covered by My Insurance?


Bariatric procedures are covered by most insurance providers & insurance plans. However, you need to make sure that your bariatric surgeon works with your insurance provider before undergoing a potentially expensive procedure.