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Announcing the opening of our Brooklyn office!

What to Expect After Gall Bladder Removal

Getting gall bladder removal surgery in Huntington Station should set you on a path to better health. However, after cholecystectomy, some aspects of your life will change. Part of this will be temporary, just part of the recovery process. Other changes will be more permanent.

But don’t let that put you off. Gall bladder removal is incredibly common, and since it isn’t an essential organ, the changes you’ll need to make aren’t too radical. Here’s what to expect after gallbladder surgery.

There Will Be Scarring


However, depending on the type of surgical techniques used, your scars may be quite small. Gall bladder removal can be performed as an open surgery, requiring a single incision of about six inches, or laparoscopically, using multiple very small ones. In either case, gallbladder removal surgery will leave some marks.

Your Diet Will Need to Change


For most patients, this is the hardest part of life after gallbladder removal. So what should you do with your diet after gallbladder removal? As a general rule, fatty and greasy foods will need to be kept to a minimum, if not fully eliminated. Most patients start with a liquid diet and steadily introduce solid foods. You should keep a journal noting what you eat and any reactions you have. This will help you discover which foods you can tolerate and those you cannot.

You’ll Want Certain Medications on Hand


This is most important during your gallbladder surgery recovery time. At this time, you will experience pain at the surgical site, and you might have pain in other spots as well thanks to the gas used to inflate the abdomen during laparoscopic procedures. After you have healed, you may need medications that relieve gastrointestinal distress until you figure out which foods trigger issues and which do not.

It Will Be a Time to Take It Easy


During the recovery period, you will need to rest and relax. You should be on essentially bed rest for a bit, then restricted in how much weight you can lift for some time. While this is temporary, it is perhaps the most frustrated part of gall bladder removal in Huntington Station for those who never take a minute to pause.

Ultimately, life after gall bladder removal is better than life before it, given how miserable gall stones can be. Take time to read up on tips to avoid discomfort after gall bladder surgery and prepare your home and family for the recovery period.