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Intragastric Balloon Placement Long Island, NY

The Orbera Balloon

Many patients have heard of operations that reduce the size of the stomach by stapling, cutting, or removing parts of the stomach, but there are more options than ever available for our patients. If you have been considering a Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Long Island NY, the Orbera balloon may be the solution for you.

obera balloon

Explaining Intragastric Balloons

The idea of limiting the available space in your stomach to store food has been around for a long time. Many of our patients consider a wide variety of options to help reduce how much food they can consume. Reducing the available space in the stomach reduces the amount of food you can consume, and should reduce the number of calories you consume throughout the day.

Previously, this could only be met through surgical procedures that involved cutting and eliminating or sectioning off the stomach to block available space. The Orbera balloon offers a different choice. This system utilizes a saline-filled “balloon” that can be placed in the stomach. The balloon then physically takes up space in the stomach, so when you eat, you feel full more quickly and reduces the quantity of food that you can eat.

Of course, the Orbera system also requires patients to make a conscious effort to follow doctor or nutritionist advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle and safely lose weight. Patients who feel that they can continue to eat the same way that they have will fail to see long-term results with any of the bariatric surgery approaches.

Additional Benefits

While many of our patients focus specifically on their weight loss as a goal, they may find that there are some other positive changes that they weren’t expecting. Patients also report a reduction in their blood pressure, the cessation of sleep apnea, they are less likely to suffer a stroke or heart disease, and they can also reverse or slow the effects of type 2 diabetes. Many spouses can also attest to a reduction in snoring!

Who Should Consider Orbera

Orbera is a system that should be utilized by patients who have already been able to make some of the positive changes on their own. Research shows that patients who can build healthy habits before they have completed any type of bariatric surgery are more likely to continue losing weight and achieving a healthy weight. This also leads to better rates of long-term success.

​​​​​​​At Clarity Surgical, we work with our patients to make sure that they are ideal candidates for any of our offerings. Generally, patients that receive the Orbera intragastric balloon have a body mass index, or BMI that is between 30 and 40, are willing to build healthy habits before the operation, commit to following up with our staff after their surgery, and patients who have not had stomach or esophageal surgery before.

The Process

If you and our staff determine that an Orbera intragastric balloon is the best option for you, we will schedule your appointment for placement. When you arrive, you’ll be prepared for the operation and given a general anesthetic. This means that you’ll be completely unconscious throughout the procedure.

​​​​​​​The doctor then places a thin tube with the balloon into the proper location, and then fills the balloon while watching on an endoscopic camera. When the balloon is properly filled, it will be sealed, and all of the equipment will be removed. The process generally takes about thirty minutes, and most patients are released a few hours after the completion of the operation. After about 12 months, the balloon is removed, and the patient can then continue to maintain their diet and exercise.


If you are considering a Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure, then contact Clarity Surgical for Intragastric Balloon Placement Surgery in Long Island, NY today to schedule your consultation.